Women Lawyers Programs

GTLABA's Women Lawyers Programs

A founding purpose of the GTLA bar association is "to promote public awareness of the role that members of the legal profession play in the judicial system of a democratic society and the ability of the legal profession and the judicial system to protect the rights and interest of, and dispense justice to, the general public."

The GTLA Bar Association's Women lawyer programs advance the GTLA Bar Association's founding purpose by promoting public awareness of the role that women members of the legal profession play in the judicial system. 

Women lawyer programs offers a professional forum for discussion and education of issues facing local lawyers, provides for social networking among legal professionals, and advance the bar's philanthropic public service projects in our community.  Topics discussed include reducing discrimination and promoting gender equality in the legal profession and in the broader community.

All dues-paying members of the bar can participate in all of the bar programs, not just women.  *Please Note: some committee-specific benefits that are not specifically for non-profit purposes and only received by some persons require separate fees.

Events include:

  • Community Event programs include sponsored movies and events related to exemplary women leaders in the law, legal equality, and fairness.
  • “Lean in” programs: Inspired by the movement following Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, these programs are typically held monthly.  See the "Events" Tab.
  • Service Projects include flower planting at the Women’s Resource Center and trash/glass cleanup at The Village at Grand Traverse Common
  • Networking Opportunities include happy hours, walks, yoga sessions, and other social events for bar members to meet and support each other.
  • Mentoring: Law is a learned profession that is passed from one generation to the next. 
  • Spa Night*: An annual event with wine, appetizers, and optional salon services.  See the "Events" tab.