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Rooms for Virtual Court

Best Practices:  Court and Bar Association work together to increase access to justice.

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With input from the local bar, Oakland County Courts are installing rooms for virtual hearings to increase access to justice.  This "best practice" provides a model for public service


In accord with guidance from the Michigan Supreme Court and input from attorneys who practice in Oakland County, the Circuit and Probate Courts will continue to use a mix of in-person and virtual proceedings in the management of their respective dockets.  This approach may affect attorneys who are expected to appear in-person and remotely on the same morning or afternoon, leaving little or no time for travel between their offices and the courthouse.  

To enhance access to the courts and for the convenience of attorneys practicing in Oakland County, the courts have reserved a number of Virtual Hearing Rooms in the courthouse that attorneys may use for participating in remote hearings.  Each room is private, has a table and chairs, and is wi-fi enabled.  Attorneys must bring their personal devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) to connect to the hearing.  Attorneys may use these rooms for the duration of their hearings only so that the rooms are available for other attorneys to use.  

Visit Circuit Court Administration on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse West Wing Extension or contact 248-858-0951 or to schedule the use of a Virtual Hearing Room.

This "Best Practice" model serves as an example of courts and bar associations working together to improve access to justice. 


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