A founding purpose of the bar is to promote the efficient administration of justice.


Are procedural issues impacting your clients' rights? 

"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"


For and overview of court staff roles and responsibilities in our One Court of Justice, click here for the Court Administration Guide


Best Practice in Efficiency:

Well-Run Courts Publish Operating Procedures 

A great example of this best practice is from the Michigan Court of Appeals. 
Click here for operating procedures for: The Michigan Court of Appeals


How you can help.

It is inefficient for local courts and their staff to field questions on basic court operations.  If you have a question about operating procedures, email the individuals below and forward their answers to the bar association to post so our local courts can become more efficient:

13th Circuit Court (contact Tina Girardin, administrator tgirardin@13thcircuitcourt.org)

Report Issues regarding the Timeliness or Accuracy of Transcripts:

The Bar Association is aware of significant issues with the quality and timeliness of transcripts in the 13th Circuit.  To report issues regarding the timeliness or accuracy of transcripts in inform the local GTLA Bar Association board and provide a copy to the state board of review: https://www.courts.michigan.gov/administration/committees-boards/court-reporters-and-recorders-board-of-review/   See also: https://www.courts.michigan.gov/4ade4c/siteassets/publications/manuals/crr/crr_mnl.pdf